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4th International Conference FOR WORLD BALANCE – Cuba

January 28 @ 8:00 am - January 31 @ 5:00 pm

4th International Conference FOR WORLD BALANCE

January 28-31, 2019

Palace of Conventions, Havana, Cuba

The José Martí Project of International Solidarity sponsored by UNESCO was created in 2003 when approved by the General Conference of that international organization, and has the support of the Organization of Iberian American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI, the Spanish acronym) and other international institutions of different nature that have joined this Project, governed by a qualified leading organ of more than thirty renowned and outstanding intellectuals from different countries who make up its World Council.


The Project is coordinated by the Office of Cuba’s Martí Program, and is currently regarded as the sole supranational initiative in today’s world to promote the study, knowledge and dissemination of information on the life and work of a paramount figure in the field of ideas.


Since its start, the José Martí Project has propitiated a large international movement aimed at expanding the legacy of the Apostle and National Hero of Cuba. This has already become evident in the convoking capacity and in the number of activities connected with Martí that take place in the most dissimilar world regions and countries, including the awarding of the José Martí International Prize of UNESCO.


The Project’s work programs are drawn up for three-year periods, which are conceived to culminate with the celebration of a world forum of plural ideas such as the one we are hereby convoking.


On this occasion it will be the 4th International Conference FOR WORLD BALANCE, to take place at the Palace of Conventions of Havana on January 28-31, 2019.


The event that preceded it, the Second International Conference WITH ALL AND FOR THE GOOD OF ALL (January 2016) was attended by more than one thousand delegates from 53 countries of all continents. The papers, oral presentations and reflections of this forum were gathered in a digital book that has been distributed to universities and libraries in different places of the world. The same will be done with this conference we are convoking for January 2019.


Those who register in this world meeting of plural thought will receive diplomas accrediting their participation, with the corresponding academic credits.


The 4th International Conference FOR WORLD BALANCE is, in addition, an extension of the debates of the World Congress of Humanities held in August, 2017 in the city of Liege, Belgium, which was sponsored by UNESCO and the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences.


The following themes will be debated in this world forum, among others:

  • The importance of the intercultural dialogue.
  • The arts: perspectives of diversity
  • The role and challenges of the new social movements.
  • The struggle for peace.
  • Solidarity as bulwark of coexistence.
  • The need to stop the unceasing destruction of vital ecosystems for the existence of our species.
  • The scarcity of drinking water and the rural population drift.
  • Risks and hopes offered by the technological and scientific development, particularly the information and communications technology (ICT)
  • The access to education and culture for the exercise of basic human rights under the circumstances of the 21st
  • The struggle against all forms of discrimination – of gender, race, creed, age and social condition – that validate inequality and criminalize the struggle for social justice.
  • Health as the inalienable right of all human beings.
  • The role of feminine organizations in the transformation of society. The right of women in society
  • The role of the youth, students and their organizations. Their insertion in the process of changes
  • The trade union movement and its role in the struggles for a better world under the new situation created by the global crisis
  • The need to imagine and construct new economies based on harmonious relations among the human beings and their environment, aimed at a sustainable development.
  • From theory to practice: incorporation of realities for social equity projects
  • Integration and solidarity in Latin America and the Caribbean. Possibilities and dangers
  • Religious organizations. Ecumenism, its contribution to peace and to the earthly world longed for by human beings of good will
  • Indigenous populations and the ethnic minorities: the need of policies of inclusion and respect in the face of exclusion and marginalization
  • Drug consumption and drug traffic. Causes, consequences and opposition to that widespread scourge
  • Promotion of participative democracy as means for the construction of new societies
  • Need to oppose terrorism in all its forms.
  • Justice as universal value of peace.
  • The ethical framework of reference for social action in the face of the crisis, based on the best contributions of Latin American thought, from Simón Bolívar and José Martí to the most relevant thinkers of the 20th century and our days.

Each one of these fields and themes can and must be the object of multiple initiatives and variants by the participants. All of them shall be welcome.

The Conference’s scientific program will include– in addition to the work commissions according to themes, where the presented papers will be discussed – special participations, panels on issues of international interest, a symposium on bioethics and development, a wide spectrum youth forum and other modalities of reflection.

We call upon all progressive intellectuals in the world, upon educators, artists, writers and journalists; upon all social fighters, union leaders, leaders of political parties, of juvenile, feminine, peasant, indigenous and professional organizations, and upon non-governmental organizations moved by principles of justice and equity; universities and other educational, scientific, religious and cultural institutions, and upon governments formed by persons of good will, to disseminate information on and participate in this meeting convoked in the light of José Martí’s ideas, which intends to contribute to the efforts to sensitize the international public opinion to create a world conscience against the evils endured by humankind today and which endanger the very existence of our species.

Registration fees:

Delegates 120.00 CUC
Students 70.00 CUC

(present supporting document)

Escorts 50.00 CUC




January 28 @ 8:00 am
January 31 @ 5:00 pm




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